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A new project from Avalon. About the special in nature.

до 6 March 2024

The location that inspired us to create a complex that will emphasize the value of life. 

Avalon Terra on Pasichnaya. A place in the middle of nature, where it is cozy and calm. Where do you want to go back. Because this is the feeling of a real home. Where you can enjoy the silence and really relax. It's about synergy with nature. About people and for people. 

An important challenge was to create a sense of space for a person. Put her comfort and coziness at the heart of the idea. Emphasize this with interesting, concise forms, set the rhythm. We pay a lot of attention to details, because they decide everything. In our concept, there was a lot of work with the placement of windows and balconies, the search for harmony between colors and their reproduction in the smallest details. 

Rounded shapes, softening the house, emphasizing its features with warm, natural tones. Details worked out to the smallest detail.
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