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Avalon Facility Service

до 20 December 2020

Avalon Facility Service is a management company created to service residential complexes, business and shopping centers, offices and commercial premises. Avalon Facility Service is a professional team that provides real estate support 24/7 and guarantees the quality of services. Every day, AFS staff worries about the cleanliness and integrity of the building, the heating, air conditioning, ventilation, lighting and water supply systems. AFS is also a concierge service to ensure the attention of every resident, as well as security for your life, because security peace in residential complexes is a coordinated work of professionals and security systems. It is difficult to create something large-scale and beautiful, but it is even more difficult to make it stay in perfect condition for as long as possible, and the people who live should receive maximum service. Now the AFS team serves Avalon Lux, Avalon A37, Avalon UP and the Futura Hub business space, New Point shopping center and several other facilities, and in the near future we will transfer Avalon Holiday into their safe hands..https://youtu.be/xFwBghogmFM