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About Avalon Facility Service

до 3 January 2023

Avalon Facility Service is a management company from the Avalon company, engaged in complex maintenance of a residential complex. The main goal is to provide a full cycle of services necessary for the comfort of residents, as well as for the optimal operation of the building.

What Avalon Facility Service clients take off their shoulders

  • Technical support. Performs minor repair work, emergency and preventive work for the elevator industry. Supervises re-equipment, reconstruction, capital works. Eliminates accidents and monitors the builder's warranty support.
  • Engineering assistance. "Heals" all the wounds of the house related to electricity, plumbing, elevator management, ventilation, air conditioning, heating management. Conducts preventive and periodic work;
  • Fire safety. "Avalon Facility Service" monitors compliance with all fire prevention measures, monitors the health of the fire protection system, technical inspection, system testing, and ensures timely reloading of fire extinguishers, as well as checking their health.
  • Purity. In fact, not just cleanliness, but perfect cleanliness. "AFS" puts order in all common areas, this also applies to the territory outside the building, that is, the company will also monitor the freshness of lawns and green spaces. In addition, the team is engaged in the selection of professional equipment and chemistry, consumables, inventory in general;
  • Work with documentation. "Avalon Facility Service" controls and monitors contractual relations with contractors, tenants and counterparties, and they take over all paperwork;
  • Office trinkets. Under the control of the "AFS" team, provision of the office with things of daily use: drinking water, paper, hygiene and dishwashing products, paper towels.
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