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Commercial premises in Avalon residential complexes

до 30 January 2020

“We have been engaged in the development of residential real estate since 2014. During this time, the team has implemented 7 projects and over 150,000 m² of real estate. In the active phase of construction, there are 5 more facilities and two residential complexes in the 2nd quarter of 2020. The concept of "city in city" - this principle is guided in the design of modern and comfortable housing. The infrastructure of the residential complexes is designed and supplemented with commercial premises, which create additional comfort for the residents of the residential area. Planning and design of commercial space in residential complexes is done with the assistance of a team of experts and external consultants. All in order to make the lives of the residents of Avalon residential complexes self-sufficient. At present, commercial premises in residential complexes are underway: Avalon Flex (Topolna St., 4), Avalon Up (60 Chervona Kalina Ave.), Avalon Holiday (Heroes of Maidan Street - Projected Street). Thank you customers for choosing Avalon real estate in the Avalon Lux, Avalon 37, Avalon, Avalon Garden, Avalon 2Day, Avalon Comfort, Avalon Light, Avalon Time, Avalon Zelena Street properties for your business. ”