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Avalon - Built of Challenges

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до 15 June 2023

Avalon has been on the market for 8 years.
During these years, our company changed, went from small projects to those that are recognized by the world and awarded the best honors.
We created, developed, progressed , made mistakes, but always remained true to our values. We have overcome many challenges: crises, growth, celebration of new projects, transition to a updated new level. We encounter challenges every day. Now, we set these challenges before ourselves.
We want to become better than yesterday. We want to create projects that will remain in the heritage of Lviv for years.

That is why we change.

We have organically built a brand that reflects our values and position.
We decided to create our challenges and fill them with meaning.
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Challenges to be innovative, to develop the city, to inspire people, to provide high-quality service and to create something special for people. 

Challenges to be innovative, develop the city, inspire people, provide high-class service and create something special for people.
Виклики бути інноваційними, розвивати місто, надихати людей, надавати висококласний сервіс та створювати для людей особливе.  

Now, we are proudly call ourselves "built of challenges". This is not just a words, it`s our philosophy, our way to be.We take on the challenge of raising the quality of life to a new level, while maintaining the warmth and coziness that make a house a real home.

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This concept organically resulted in the new strategic and visual visions worked on by the "Grape" agency.

They created a new logo that reflects the framework on which Avalon builds its meanings.
A new identity that reflects the style, modernity, aesthetics and spirit of Lviv, the city in which we create. That is why the idea arose to take a special building in Lviv and reproduce the grid from its facades in the identity. As for the choice of the building, it organically became the Lviv National Music Academy, because the office of our inspiration - Ivan Levinsky worked on its creation. He could safely be called a developer of those times. He created many meanings, created and left an important legacy. We also set ourselves this mission.
Also, the creation of a new website was an important step for the company. This is a new format, with the possibility to choose an apartment immediately online.
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We have changed and we are not afraid to declare it. We want to challenge and move forward. Develop the city, leave a legacy and fill it with meaning.