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Lviv real estate market has undergone significant changes

до 1 May 2022

This was influenced by many factors, the most important, of course, is the situation at the front. At the same time, there are secondary factors: the work of builders and companies supplying construction materials, the work of state registers, the work of public services, including local governments and permitting services, the work of service providers (Lvivoblenergo, Lvivgaz, Lvivvodokanal, etc.) and other companies and services impact on the industry.
Understanding this, Avalon agrees and implements a number of solutions to avoid risky situations, as for us and as for our customers.
Also, the customer's request has changed significantly. Important were: the availability of underground parking, the presence of basements and barns, geographical proximity to various infrastructure facilities in the city and of course the readiness of the project. That is why the company decided to temporarily narrow the offer of the sales range only to ready-made objects, or projects with a readiness of more than 80%. These are the objects: Avalon Zelena, Avalon Flex, Avalon UP, A37. At the same time, construction work continues in absolutely all projects.
The sales team works online and offline. In the office, in private messages or on the hotline, we are always ready to answer questions and experiences of existing customers and the interests of future ones!